I am Elena Gillespie PhD and have just graduated with my doctorate in Human Development.  I teach at Saybrook University, or am due to start very soon.  I will be teaching Introduction to Quantitative Research.  I am in medical research in traumatic brain injury, but I delve into a wide range of topics and areas of expertise; diabetes, brain injury, complementary and alternative medicine, research design, death and dying, Shamanism, integral theory, TCM, Reiki, consciousness, and that is only the beginning.

I was at the University of Michigan for 20 years and was a co-founder of the Complementary & Alternative Medicine Research Center (CAMRC), now known as the University of Medicine Integrative Medicine Center. While there, I was the co-PI of a study examining Reiki in the amelioration of pain in diabetic neuropathy, with Martin Stevens MD as PI.

All for the study of the nature of human consciousness…

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