The Man with No Face

The Anatomy of Death: Notes from a Healer’s Casebook

So I like to read all sorts of paranormal type discussion groups and forums.  Sometimes it’s difficult to weed out whether it’s a flight of fancy or if it really happened.  You can get into some interesting discussions, without someone interjecting that it was merely a hypnogogic experience or some trick of the mind.  Often there is an explanation that is more mundane, but sometimes that does nothing more than truncate the discussion about what it possibly may have been, outside of accepted mainstream convention.  That’s when it gets fun.

Several of these discussion sites are on Reddit, such as Glitch_In_The_Matrix or The Truth is Here, always interesting, because the mods purportedly only allow true stories to be posted in them.  Of course, there’s no way of confirming this, sometimes you just have to take the poster’s word for it, always risky on the Internet.

So recently there was a post from a young woman who had seen a man with no face walking down the road, in the middle of the lane.  This was unnerving, to say the least, everything looked normal, arms, torso, even a head, just no face or lower legs.  Almost at the same time, she saw an ambulance roar by on the way to a call and stop where she saw the man.  She ran screaming to her friends, by the time they got to back to the window, the man was gone.  What what tipped me off was the ambulance–death was nearby.IMG_0621

I found it interesting that he had manifested with no face. Our intention drives us, even in death.  Many spirits I have found wandering around, still left on this plane, were fairly shocked to realize that they had died, and didn’t have to stay here.  I suspect that something like this happened to our faceless man, it was moments after death, and he was momentarily lost. That’s my interpretation, anyway.

I have attached another story, this one about lost spirits on this plane, and how that might happen.  As you can imagine, hospitals, particularly old hospitals, are absolutely full of these things. I don’t hold much with the ghost hunting TV shows, as too much can be faked, but there does seem to be something that can remain, if jolted out too quickly.

The juncture between the observed, the unknown and the rational, evidence-driven perspective seems wide sometimes. The attached story belies that–sometimes they can intersect, even to the scientific mind, as long as you’re willing to observe.

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