So what is a farther axis?

This name just came to me out of the blue, and often that’s where the best ideas come from.  This one evolved from Ken Wilber, whose main contribution is the concept of AQAL to humanistic psychology.  AQAL stands for All quadrants, all levelsreferring to the interconnection between the interior and exterior of the human mind and heart, and between the individual and the group.


4Q (Photo credit: ~C4Chaos)

Where we are as a group is debatable, and frequently is, but as you can see, a diagram of AQAL makes up the classical positive and negative 2-D object that we are familiar with to visualize multidimensional concepts.  It’s not a new idea, the ancient Hindus were working with the interrelationship between man and his environment since ancient times.  But he is one of the first to propose the idea in an integral way in the Western psychological literature.  Hence the name, more or less begun by him, of Integral Psychology; the integration of Man and Woman, the spirit, mind and heart, into the group and our environment as one working whole.

I have since come to find out–perhaps as the result of age–that working on the advancement of the evolution of the group is the work of the young, and after much development of perspective, have also realized that the only thing one can effectively change is oneself.  A Farther Axis, a place farther down Wilber’s line, is where we are headed.  At least on my better days, I would like to think so.

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