So what is this blog’s purpose?  Well, many years ago, after a period of struggle–more on that later–I had a series of events happen to me as the result of me looking for change.  The “flatland” concept of reality, the one where most of our current concept of reality resides, left me bored and sick.  There had to be more to our lives than this morass of meaningless phenomenology. This led to me into a long period of study, some of it didactic, other parts purely experiential, and to the web name I’ve chosen to use for now, Ouroboric.  I have to admit that I first heard the name in the British space…comedy??? Red Dwarf.  Aside from being bloody hysterical, it had its deep moments as well, one of which is when the protagonist, Lister, finds a baby in a box labeled Ouroboros.  

Religious symbolism of unity of opposites (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It turns out that he is that baby, and that in all the time he’s been lost in space, he’s been reborn again and again in a multitude of different timelines, and these are just various aspects of himself that he’s been evolving through.  And that Lister, a hell-bent atheist, is the one who will trigger the second Big Bang, and is actually God.  Typical Brit perspective.

Upon looking it up, the Ouroboros is an ancient symbol similar to the Sacred Spiral seen in so many different ancient civilizations; it is the archetype of the serpent eating its own tail, the concept of opposites uniting through repeating cycles of time. It is symbolic of the idea that we as a group evolve to a higher level of understanding about ourselves as a spiral ascends, as opposed to the idea of Western civilization of pure linear evolution.

Then of course, there’s the episode when Kryten fixes the toaster.  The purpose of this blog may be to document that most of us–including me–most of the time are hell-bent on just making toast.

Come to think of it, I’ve got to go back and watch more Red Dwarf.

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